Realman Associates Limited is a Kenyan Building Construction Company, operating in the eastern Africa region Kenya. It was founded in 2004, and registered under companies Act (cap 486) laws of the republic of Kenya.
It has been registered under National Construction Authority  (NCA), under Building and Civil Engineering Construction Works and services.

Some of Realman Co-values in its mission statement are:
  • To provide sound construction
  • To provide and maintain services in its function

Realman Associates has realized that building products after execution are rarely maintained to the owners or users satisfaction. The compound within which the building is laid is not spared either. We therefore Endeavour to create a place where is safer, healthier, more prosperous and sustainable by treating this neglect as our concern to satisfy the user and owner.
Realman Facility Management will therefore carryout the following activities:-
  1.                       Repair of water supply, sanitary ware and drainage services
  2.                        Repair of external leak on roof
  3.                    Repair and replacement of sanitary ware fillings and attention to drainage problems.
  4.                    Trimming Hedges and grass
  5.                      Maintenance of road kerbs, road gullies, tarmacadam  and grass planting
  6.                    Property management and KRA tax reconciliation

Realman association Ltd will be indebted in providing quality management practice guidelines in their projects.

We promote opportunity for residents and implement our policies with substantial credibility. This will be done with integrated cost effectively into our facility management.

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